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Hotel Dion enables you to experience the beauty and history of Macedonia and the Balkans with Organized Tours.

You can select your destination and trip and make and plan your own tours with the places that you want to visit or you can select an already organized tour from our Events Page.

Organized Tours are paid by KM ( 1 Kilometer = 0.621371 Mile ) 1 KM = MKD 180 with our Lux Comfort option.

Transportation is arranged and included in the pricing as well as a dedicated Tour Guide that will make your traveling experience unique.

You need to calculate the Distance ( to and from ) the destination, and let us take care of the rest.

If you have any other arrangements and requirements you can Inform us on the Checkout page in the More Info box.

AutoDen is a fee for the Bus transport waiting time for organized events.

AutoDen is paid if you want the bus to wait OnSite for multiple days until your event finishes.

AutoDen is paid by day and Price per 1 Day is 100Euros = MKD 6000

For example if you want to organize a Tour to a location and stay on your location for 3 days, than you will need to purchase the KM distance + 2 days of AutoDEN if you want the bus to wait for you on site.



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